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WebAion Staff's By Laws

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Article I
A. WebAion Staffs Positions are separated through:
A.1) Owner - the founder and creator of the WebAion PH server.
A.2) Developer - the game coder, analyst, maintainer and server file modifier.
A.3) Admin - the petition handler, modifier, tester and event coordinator.
A.4) Game Master (GM) - the gameplay supervisor, player service representative and event coordinator.

B. WebAion staff special powers and commands
B.1) Owner
- System shutdown and restart commands
- Add/Spawn/Delete items to player's inventory.
- Suspend/Ban/Unban player's account.
- Donations/Sponsorship handler.
- Add/Spawn/Delete NPC's
- Add/Spawn drops to Mobs
B.2) Developer
- Databse/SQL handler
- Patch/Updates/Upgrades evaluator
- XML server files modifier
- Game tester
B.3) Admin & GM
- Prison/Removeprison Command
- Event Coordinator
- Player assistance
- Game Tester


A. Rules and Conditions for Staffs
A.1) Staff should be contented to what position and powers assigned to him.
A.2) Staff shouldn't release any vulgar and foul words against any player.
A.3) Staff should keep all necessary and confidential matters in game and in reality.
A.4) Staff shouldn't overlap one's decision unless it is being affirmed by the majority.
A.5) Staff should be always updated to the server's updates and patches, for a better and accurate relaying of informations.
A.6) Staff is not allowed to help any player in regards with PvP, PvE, level boosting and item releasing without being authenticated.
A.7) Staff should be neutral to both factions.

(more articles will follow if needed)

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